EJReynolds – Cybersecurity Commitment

Trust your retirement plan development and your personal data with the retirement experts.

Data breaches are happening more and more often with many companies of all sizes. Even companies whose main function is to protect your identity and personal information. What can you do to ensure your data is safe? EJReynolds has taken the following measures to safeguard our Client information with our cutting-edge cybersecurity commitment that will give you peace of mind knowing your most private information is safe.

How is EJReynolds handling and protecting your personal information?

Our advanced cybersecurity program stems from our core principles of trust, integrity, and ethics. We collect only the necessary information to consistently deliver the best products and services for our clients. All employees are required to complete extensive training programs on new threats and how to handle them. We have implemented security standards and processes to ensure that access to client information is limited to your EJReynolds Plan Consultant.

Our Best Practice Cybersecurity Protocols Include:

–  Citrix ShareFile© – Secure File Sharing

EJReynolds’ secure file sharing link provides a safe and secure way to transmit sensitive information online. This assures that files are sent and received with bank-level encryption. You will be required to register through ShareFile©’s one-time enrollment process to send and receive files securely. We are aware this may be an initial inconvenience, but we want our Clients’ information to remain protected.

–  Two-factor Authentication

EJReynolds has implemented a two-factor authentication process for our Plan Consultants to review our clients most sensitive information. It is the most advanced form of security and we have been applying this practice to all documentation.

–  State-Of-The-Art Advantage Firewall Security

EJReynolds’ Firewall Security system protects our computer network from being attacked by online hackers, worms, viruses, etc. It is designed to stop unauthorized access to the EJReynolds computer systems.

–  Industry leading threat protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps to protect our organization from malicious attacks by:

  • Scanning email attachments for malware
  • Scanning web addresses (URLs) in email messages and office documents
  • Identifying and blocking malicious files in online libraries
  • Checking email messages for unauthorized spoofing
  • Detecting attempts to impersonate users or organization’s custom domains

–  Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring provides around the clock monitoring and alerting for compromised digital credentials, scouring millions of sources, including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites, bulletin boards and illegal black market sites. All email addresses for EJReynolds’ employees, including the personal accounts for certain officers and managers, are monitored on the “Dark Web” for breeches in security. We are notified immediately if these critical assets are compromised, affording the chance to secure them before they may be used for identity theft, data breaches or other crime.

–  Continuous Training

Since 2019, all employees are required to complete extensive training programs through KnowBe4.com©, a nationally recognized leader in security awareness. Along with monthly training on the latest ERISA rules and regulations, each employee must complete training sessions on:

  • Phish threat security and common threats
  • Handling sensitive information digitally
  • Ransomware
  • Establishing and maintaining strong passwords
  • Mobile device security

Hackers constantly change their tactics. EJReynolds is groomed and trained to handle these situations.

Our commitment to your security is just one more reason to trust your retirement plan administration to EJReynolds.

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